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Somluk Pantiboon established his famous ceramic studio Doi Din Daeng in Chiang Rai in1991. There high quality potteries are regularly produced, under the guidance of Somluk giving training and job opportunities to many in the region. Somluk graduated from Chiang Mai’s faculty of industrial design major in ceramic, he later enriched his technique with Japanese masters Mr. Iwao Onuma and Tarouemon Nakazato. He spent 5 years in Japan honoured with prestigious prices and exhibitions such as the Nitten exhibition held at the Metropolitan Museum in Tokyo or the Arts and Crafts exhibition at the Fukuoka Art Museum where he received a special award.

After returning to Thailand his notoriety grew with prices from the annual ceramic exhibition in Bangkok, the Asian Arts and Crafts exhibition at the Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan, the Fletcher Challenge Award exhibition, Auckland, New Zealand. From 2012 to 2015, he founded and directedArt Bridge Chiang Rai promoting foreign and Thai artists based in the region. He held solo exhibitions at the Vigeland Museum (2004), Oslo, Norway, the Earth HomeGallery (2007), Hong Kong, most recently exhibiting clay paintings at Wang Hing hoi and Artist+Run Galleries in Bangkok (2018).

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