The Toot Yung art center’s residences offers artists, musicians, and writers the opportunity to pursue projects linked with the local culture, crafts and materials of the rich Chiang Mai region.

Set in the exceptional environment of the Toot Yung art center, the residence, designed by Udom Dansakchai, comprises a large living space, several bedrooms, kitchen Etc. Artists also have access to a studio space to develop personal work, equipped with an etching print machine. Artists are encouraged to produce works hand in hand with local craftsmen, musicians etc. highlighting local know how such as wood carving, hand made paper or weaving.

The works produced during the residence are presented to the public at the end of the session, during an open studio weekend. The residence can also serve as an opportunity to realize works that 

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will be exhibited in a public institution, in collaboration with the Toot Yung art center.


Residence conditions

The Toot Yung art center hosts artists all year round for special projects. Each project is linked to the center’s activities and aims, financed by public institutions, or private sources. The Toot Yung art center does not self-finance the residence program. Living costs and rental of the spaces have to be covered by a public institution or by the artist himself. Artists wishing to apply to develop a special project can E-mail a proposal to: 



The Toot Yung art center will privilege projects linked to the craft and culture of the Chiang Mai region.