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Haritorn Akarapat is one of the most unique and powerful Thai sculptors. A graduate of the prestigious Silapakorn University, his work is easily recognisable as he developed a strong identity, exploring new ways to approach the bronze and patina techniques. His sculptures are best seen in installation, compiling large numbers of heads and busts appearing as a silent and motionless crowd. Each piece is directly inspired of intimate memories, which penetrates the set of a phantasmagoric presence. The highly sensual sculptures invite the viewer to feel with their eyes and see with their hands. Haritorn’s process of simplifying his figures to the point of abstraction enables him to attain great purity and balance in his art. The imprint of time in the matter not only expresses evolutionary search for pure form but it also highlights the complexity of thought that has gone into the making process, the emotional weight. The decedent and the minimal, formulate representations of mythologies that are both personal and rooted in the Buddhist tradition.

Haritorn has been the recipient, since his early career, of important prizes such as the  7th Henry Moore Grand prize Exhibition, Hakone-Utsukushi-Ga-Hara Open Air Museum, Japan (1991)
. He has had several personal exhibitions in renowned Bangkok galleries, 100 Tonson (2004), Tang Contemporary (2009), Toot Yung Art Center (2018). He also extensively exhibited in the region, “Anthropos”, Sundaram Gallery Singapore (2013), Beijing international art fair (2010). He produced large public installations and permanent monuments, “Ratchaprasong Art Maze”, On human nature giant head installation (2016), Bronze Mermaid (8m high) for the Island of Koh Samed, commissioned by PTT (2014), bronze sitting Buddha figure (15m high) for the Wat Damongkhon temple (2009).

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