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Artistic director Myrtille Tibayrenc has been based in Thailand since 2006 promoting arts in all its forms, giving international visibility to some of the most prominent artists from Thailand and abroad.

Born in Paris, raised in Bolivia, schooled in California, Myrtille is a mélange of cultures and inspiration.  Graduating with a masters degree from the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Dunkerque and Marseille (France) she got her organizing skills working as a staff member of Alliance francaise and La Fete cultural festival organized by the French embassy in Bangkok (2006-2008).

She created the Toot Yung gallery in 2010 as a launch

pad for emerging artists. Morphed to become a solid institution, the now Toot Yung art center is the sole representative of renowned artists such as Pakitsilp Varamissara, Haritorn Akarapat or Tawan Wattuya.

Giving residence opportunities for international 

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practitioners to explore the region and produce quality works with locally sourced inspiration and materials, the art center also indulges in promoting cross-cultural exchange.


Myrtille Tibayrenc is also known for co directing the Bukruk Urban arts festival, a pioneering festival celebrating street art in Bangkok with two successful editions in 2013 and 2016. She was also the director of public art project Ratchaprasong Art Maze, Urban by nature, promoting some 

of the most prominent contemporary Thai artists and their contributions toward shifting how we relate to nature.

A renowned painter herself, Myrtille Tibayrenc has started exhibiting her personal work since 2016, and is now recognized as a leading artist in Thailand. The originality

of her paintings and exhibiting methods has brought her significant fame amongst local artists and collectors. Her studio is nested in a wooden tilt house, part of the Toot Yung art center’s premises, and is visible for the general public at opening hours.

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