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22/12/2018 - 31/3/2019

Bare by Haritorn Akarapat

Methodically repeatingthe same activity, with small but significant variations, over weeks andmonths, Haritorn Akarapat experiments with the notion oftime and consciousness. Thus, focusing our attention on the most basic elementsof our experience of the world. Relaying facts of hisexistence in this way reflects Haritorn Akarapat’s grounding in Buddhism andExistential philosophy. As a visual transcript of life’s passing, the“2,000 Buddha” Paintings take on something of the quality of a ritualor liturgy, marking the passage of the artist's life. The outline of the sittingBuddha figures, inspired by local folk art are hand painted by the artist,filled in with several coats of Indian ink and shades of orange to redpigments, creating as a whole a sense of sparkling stillness and rich harmony.

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Haritorn’s work is built on contrasts. In this showcase the infinite number of Buddha paintings,neatly framed and ordered in lines dramatically contrast with raw, woodsculptures or totems set in the center of the space. For the first timeexperiencing wood, Haritorn imprints the matter with a lyrical humor translatingagain the existentialist concept of authenticity in this act of bare freedom. The viewers areinvited to stroll through the ageless wood poles, as if they were ambling in aforest of memories, beliefs, ancient tales and everyday episodes of life. Haritorn’spoetic and discrete engravings in the wood remind us that the value of life islife itself.