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4/8/2018 - 5/8/2018

Sweet Waste II by Claude Estèbe and Tawan Wattuya

Two of Toot Yung’s most cherished artists, Thai painter Tawan Wattuya and French photographer Claude Estèbe, are for the first time united in this erotic pop up exhibition at Patpong’s artist fetish club, the Barbar. Tawan Wattuya’s frontal yet subtle watercolours resemble from afar fresh roses. A closer look takes you to the most intimate and erogenous body parts. His exquisite technique contrasts with the crudeness of his subjects. Always tackling sensitive subjects and censorship, he is celebrated as one of Thailand’s most unique provocateur.

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Claude Estebe’s slanted view of human’s deepest desires adorns his work with the most distinctive mystery. In this new series, sex dolls are the main actresses of this peculiarly disturbing theatre of emotions. Lifeless, yet strongly present, these fragile human replicas lay still, on their soft hand weaved Japanese paper.