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How to get to Toot Yung Art Center

It is best to travel to Toot Yung Art Center by car. There are 2 main roads that lead to our Art Center which are Chiangmai - Phrao Road (Highway 1001) and Chotana Road (Highway 107).

Chiangmai - Phrao Road (1001) 

Go straight on 1 kilometer from Chedi Mae Krua Market, there will be Bangchak gas station on the right. Stay on the same road around 1 kilometer, you will see Mae Faek Villa Sign on your left hand side. Once you have passed Mae Faek Villa sign around 20 meters, you will find Soi Wat Sop Faek Alley on the left. Turn left into the alley and follow the road around 2 kilometers, there will be Sop Faek Temple on the right hand side. Continue the road around 1 kilometer then turn right to cross the bridge. Turn right again after crossing the bridge and follow the road around 400 meters, you will find our Art Center with burgundy red walls on your right hand side. 

Chotana Road (107)


Go straight on 5 kilometers from Mae Rim District office, there will be San Pong Government Office on the right. Continue on 107 5 approximately 5 kilometers, you will find Wat Si Chollathan Temple on the left. After the temple around 1 kilometer you will find a 7-11 shop on the left. Once you have passed 7-11 keep on the right lane and start to look for a wooden pergola and a wooden sign of Baan Saang Soi Nam Rin 16 alley on the right hand side of the big road. Turn right into the alley and go straight on around 100 meters. Then turn left and follow the road until you find a T-junction with a green sign of Chiangmai - Fang road on the right. Turn left and take the road around 400 meters. The Art Center will be on the right.


Parking is available in the parking lot at the Art Center. 

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