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Art Gallery

The 100 m  of exhibition space proposes highly curated exhibitions every 3 months, with a special focus on Thai artists from all regions of the country.   

Artistic director Myrtille Tibayrenc has been working closely with a carefully selected group of artists since 2008, following their practice and evolution. Now reckoned artists such as photographer Tada Hengsapkul or conceptual artist Piyarat Piyapongwiwat both made their debut exhibition with Toot Yung. The center also acts as the representative of confirmed 


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Current Art Exhibitions

15/2/2020 - 18/5/2020
Cadavres Exquis by Myrtille Tibayrenc

For the first time presenting a selection of old and new works in her own walls, “Cadavres Exquis” will mark the 10-year anniversary of the Toot Yung art center.

Past Exhibitions

16/11/2019 - 26/1/2019
Sweet Waste by Claude Estèbe

Since his debut show “Tukata, Post industrial Venus” in 2011 in Bangkok, the Toot Yung Art Center has been the proud representative of the unique works of French photographer Claude Estèbe.

artists such as painters Pakitsilp Varamissara, Tawan Wattuya and sculptor Haritorn Akarapat.  Tibayrenc also works with foreign artists, launching in 2010 the works

of French photographer Claude Estebe, and promoting

in Thailand since 2011 French performance artist Skall.   

Occasionally, the center invites foreign artists in residence to develop large-scale projects hand in hand with local artisans, highlighting the region’s ancestral craft practices and local materials such as bamboo, silk, teak wood or silver.

Upcoming Art Exhibitions

6/6/2020 - 1/9/2020
Vagabondage by Pakitsilp Varamissara

Gathering paintings from the artist’s recent travels in Thailand, “Vagabondage” is a blissful collection of works painted in the regions of Sukhotai and Surathani.

Off-site Art Exhibitions

4/8/2018 - 5/8/2018
Sweet Waste II by Claude Estèbe and Tawan Wattuya

Two of Toot Yung’s most cherished artists, Thai painter Tawan Wattuya and French photographer Claude Estèbe, are for the first time united in this erotic pop up exhibition at Patpong’s artiest fetish club, the Barbar.